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At Laddingford, it all starts with phonics. Phonics are not a way of teaching the English language - they are the English language. We use the letters of our alphabet to represent (in a potentially baffling variety of ways!) the sounds we make when we talk - this is called encoding - the process of turning the sounds of speech into letters. These letters form words which form sentences which form paragraphs which form texts. Phonics are at the heart of how we teach children to use and master the English language whether they are reading or writing.
We teach children to use phonics as their route to reading independently - decoding the letters on the page into the sounds they understand - as well as encouraging early sight-reading of an increasing range of common words as an aid to fluency. We develop fluency by helping children to read quickly, accurately and with suitable expression and intonation first out loud and then silently.
We use 'Letters and Sounds' as our primary scheme for delivering phonics. We also integrate some elements of Jolly Phonics and Phonics Play because we believe they help young children to learn and remember them.

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