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We use the Language Angels scheme of work and resources to ensure we offer a relevant, broad, vibrant and ambitious foreign languages curriculum that will inspire and excite our pupils using a wide variety of topics and themes. All pupils will be expected to achieve their full potential by encouraging high expectations and excellent standards in their foreign language learning - the ultimate aim being that pupils will feel willing and able to continue studying languages beyond key stage 2 and that they see the value in this in their role as global citizens.

The four key language learning skills; listening, speaking, reading and writing will be taught and all necessary grammar will be covered in an age-appropriate way across the primary phase. This will enable pupils to use and apply their learning in a variety of contexts, laying down solid foundations for future language learning





We use a two year rolling programme which is reviewed and adapted annual to ensure progression. We progressively develop pupil skills in foreign languages through regularly taught and well-planned weekly lessons Key Stage Two which will be taught by the class teacher


Children will progressively acquire, use and apply a growing bank of vocabulary, language skills and grammatical knowledge organised around age-appropriate topics and themes - building blocks of language into more complex, fluent and authentic language. More detailed until plans are available on request.


SEND and Vulnerable Pupils

 Language Angels provides resources and games at different levels which allow all children to access the curriculum regardless of SEN need. Where necessary this may require additional scaffolding by an adult, or additional teacher produced resources.



By the time pupils reach Progressive units in UKS2 they will be exposed to much longer text and will be encouraged to formulate their own, more personalised responses based on a much wider bank of vocabulary, linguistic structures and grammatical knowledge. They will be able to create longer pieces of spoken and written language and are encouraged to use a variety of conjunctions, adverbs, adjectives, opinions and justifications.

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