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We encourage all children to develop positive attitudes to PE and sport, improve health and well-being, cater for all abilities, allow every child to fulfil their potential, encourage lifelong participation, and provide competitive activities. We aim to engage all pupils in regular physical activity in line with the recommendations from Youth Sport Trust and government guidelines, striving for our children to be active for 30 minutes a day in addition to their two timetabled PE lessons. We will provide opportunities for children to participate in a broad range of physical activities, providing variety and an introduction to as many sports and activities as possible including swimming. Additionally we will promote the development of multi-ability skills through PE, enabling the children to use and develop cognitive, personal, social, creative and physical skills through physical activity. We will encourage all children to achieve their personal best.



High quality training provided by PASS over a number of years had increased staff subject knowledge and skill in delivering PE. We have a year on year skills progression that builds on prior learning and a rolling programme of content which ensures full national curriculum coverage across each key stage. Children have two PE lessons per week, one lesson per week is taught by a specialist teacher and a second lesson is taught by the class teacher. KS1 children also undertake ‘balance ability’, in Year 6 children undertake bikeability. All children in KS2 have a half an hour swimming lesson each week in the autumn term. Children in KS2 also undertake the ‘daily mile’ each day.  Children in Key Stage 2, have weekly swimming lessons for 2 half terms a year, enabling them to be able to swim confidently by the end of Year 6.


SEND and Vulnerable Pupils

 At Laddingford all children participate in physical activity. Appropriate adjustments are made where required including modified versions of games or differentiated equipment to ensure that all children are able to be active participants in PE lessons and develop a positive attitude towards physical activity and keeping physically healthy.



In every Key Stage children participate happily and confidently in PE, progressively building and honing their skills. By the time they move onto secondary school they understand the value of keeping physically active, both for the physical and mental wellbeing and they have identified an activity that interests and motivates them to purse an active and healthy lifestyle beyond the school gates. Our School sports funding evaluation has further information about the impact of our sports funding and this can be found on our website.


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