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Your work!

What projects have you been up-to? Have you done something amazing that you would like to share with your classmates? If  so, please send it in an email to:

Term 6 Learning


Freeze Frames
Oren has been thinking about where we paused the story. He has created a brain-storm about all of the different things that could happen next. He has also written his own paragraph describing the action that could as we turn the page. I am really impressed with his attention to detail to the original story line, poetic phrases, handwriting and proof reading and editing skills. Well done Oren!   
Character Conversations
Adverb Adventures
Cooper has been working incredibly hard learning all about adverbs. He has used this to excellent effect to write some dramatic sentences using adverbs and verbs which really capture the energy of scenes from the Lion King movie. He can even added some similes for added effect!
Oren has also been having fun writing sentences using adverbs. He has used some amazing adverbs to add an extra sense of movement to his sentences. I particularly love the sentence about Scar smiling!
In the Hot Seat
Someone has really been getting inside the head of Sokai for their predictions… fact I think they might actually have become a Maasai! By putting themselves in the characters shoes - they have been able to come up with some brilliant predictions as to what Sokai might do and what the footsteps in the wind might belong to.
Oren has been taking the place of Sokai in the story and exploring what he might be thinking and what he might do next. He has come up with some predictions as to what is making the strange noises which are carried in the wind. He has also been thinking about the reasons Sokai might have to run away or to keep going. I wonder what he will chose to do?
Text Dectectives
Cooper has been learning more about the Maasai by reading an information text. He has then been using the comprehension skills that we have learnt in class to find the answers to the questions in the text. He has done an excellent job in finding the correct answers and writing them in full sentences.
Set the Scene
Josie has written an incredibly beautiful setting description full of similes, expanded noun phrases and adjectives. She has really brought the picture to life through her description! I can really imagine the seen with the Moran, the sun, wind and the goats. Great Work Josie!
Could you join the Maasai?
Sebastian has been thinking about the skills you would need to be a Maasai moran. Strength, bravery, speed. He has created this excellent recruitment poster explaining what skills you would do as a moran and the skills that you would need. Do you have what it takes? If so apply now!


Comparing Length
Wow! Cooper has been combining all of the skills that he has learnt this week to answer these really tricky questions. Not only has he had to compare and order lengths, but as some of the lengths have been in different units of measurement - he has had to do some converting between units too! Great job Cooper.
Converting between cm and mm

Cooper has been using his knowledge of the relationship between mm and cm to convert measurements between the two like a pro.  

Converting between cm and m
Oren has been working hard to understand the relationship between m and cm and to convert measurements between the two. I think he has definatly mastered the relationship between the two types of measurements!
Cooper has also been working in 2 measurements, converting cm to m and m to cm. He seems to have a real talent for converting measurements. 
Ordering Lengths
Cooper has been using his knowledge of measuring in cm and m to order lengths. I especially liked that he has added dimensions he needed to calculate to the drawings of the buildings and his explanation as to why Whitney is wrong.
Measuring in mm, cm and m
Cooper has become an expert in not one, not two, but three different units of measurement. He can measure anything you like accurately in mm, cm or m. A very handy skill to have!
Measuring in m
Cooper has been practising measuring in m. He has been measuring different things around his house to see which items are a m, shorter than a m or longer than a m. Do the things in your house measure the same as in Coopers house?
Measuring in cm
Cooper has not only been practising measuring in cm, but he is becoming an expert in passing the 'Miss Coleman proof test' with his explanations to prove why something would work or how he knows something. Great Work Cooper! 
Calculating and Comparing Duration/Start and End Times
Cooper has been exploring how to calculate the duration of an activity and when it starts or finishes. I am especially impressed that he is demonstrating his higher level maths skills in question 6 where he explains in detail why he disagrees with Tommy!

Term 5 Learning


Eco Conservationists
Oren has been building a bird house for his garden visitors. He has also written a set of detailed instructions in-case you would also like to make one for your garden. I love the clearly numbered steps and how he has added drawings of the dimensions of each piece to make it easy for the reader to make one of their own.
Josie has been watching the pigeon, that she has named 'Patchy' who has been visiting her garden. She has written this beautiful description of him which is full of adjectives and similes, capturing how he looks as well as his cheeky character!  
Text Detectives
Cooper has been working hard trawling through this weeks text for clues to answer those tricky questions! He has certainly tracked down all the information he needs to answer the questions!
Beatrix Potter
After reading the extracts from the Secret Garden, Oren became curious about the birds that visited his garden every day. He started keeping a diary to see which different birds he could see. Are they the same as the birds that visit your garden?

Secret Garden

Josie was inspired by the extract we read from the Secret Garden and has created her own version of the story. One day she opens a cupboard under the stairs and a Blue Toucan shows her into a secret garden paradise...….I wonder what she will discover?
Cooper has been imagining his own adventures into a secret garden. I love the idea of the splashing fountain drawing you in through the door and the contrasting emotions of being proud that you had discovered the garden, but suspicious of what might be inside.
Tune In For The News
Breaking News: Oren has made his debut as a Newsroom presenter. Listen to his segment on Global Warming. Very clear, confident reporting at an excellent pace.  

Orens Newsround Report on Global Warming

Journalist on Assignment
Cooper has been sent on his first journalistic assignment to cover a story about primary school children who are demanding that supermarkets do more to reduce plastic waste. Read all about it here!
Designers Wanted
With so many different bins to sort your rubbish into it can be easy to get confused about what goes where. Josie has created this colourful and informative poster to help you know which bin to put your rubbish in. I especially like that she has thought about the bin colours - colouring the columns at the top of each column the same colour as the bin that type of rubbish goes in to help you use the correct bin.
Sebastian has been designing a poster to spread the word about protecting our seas. It has a clear message about how leaving rubbish at the beach pollutes the seas. Next time you go to the beach, remember to take your rubbish home with you. 
Text Detectives
Cooper has been working hard to spot the clues and facts in this week's text. I love how he has written the answers in full sentences and used lots of facts from the text.
Russet Class Promise
Oren has written a story plan and an absolutely beautiful version of 'The Promise.' In keeping with the original it has a strong message running throughout, amazing adjectives and a twist at the end however Oren's has created an alternative storyline, organised his writing in paragraphs and written in lovely handwriting. Have a read and see what you think......
Wildlife Warriors
Sebastian has been busy learning how to grow plants. He has even created an instruction text of what he did in-case you want to do the same at home. I wonder what he has planted and when it will start to grow?! 
Oren has been drawing a storymap to summarise the sequence of events in 'The Promise.' I love how he has captured all of main events and even incorporated drawings of the sun to give an idea of timeframe. Well done Oren!
Someone has been hard at work really exploring the story. They have created a sequence showing the steps they took to learning and summarising the story concluding with them creating a story map.
Promises, Promises
Now that we have finished our story, Oren has been thinking hard about the sequel...…The author, Nicola Davies, hasn't written a book to come after 'The Promise' but maybe after seeing these ideas she just might!
What a Dilema
Cooper has been weighing up both sides of the dilemma. He has used his inference skills effectively to combine what he knows from the book and his own experiences to explore different reasons to keep or not to keep the promise.
Josie has also been thinking about the dilemma and has come up with her own list of reasons to keep or not keep the promise. I particularly love how she is considering the motives of the old lady - we know from fairy-tales old ladies are not always what they seem!
Oren has also been weighing up whether the character should or shouldn't keep her promise. I like that he has really thought through all the practicalities. There are a lot of things that could go wrong if you plant them but there could be real benefits if you plant them and they transform the city.
Amazing Factoids
Josie has been busy researching more about the Eucalyptus tree - the favourite tree of the Koala. I love how she has made the page 3D by writing her factoids on post-it note leaves!
Be Inspired by Nature
Oren has been using a rose as the inspiration for his beautiful poem. I am so impressed with the similes that have been used - they really make the poem come to life! Well done Oren.


A rose as red as a shining ruby.
The stem as long as tall grass.
Leaves as smooth as skin.
Thornes as sharp as a knife
The petals as swirly as a tornado.

Become the Narrator

Florence has recorded her own audio file of her reading the first part of the class text. I am really impressed by such a fluent, confident and expressive performance. Have a listen and see what you think! 


Florence - reading.mp3

Endless possibilities
Oren has been thinking hard about what could happen next in the book and more importantly, what is in the bag! He has got some great ideas. I wonder if how many of the things he thinks are the same as the author?
Someone else has been busy making predictions too. Well done - great sentence starters, beautiful handwriting and accurate spellings!
In the Hot Seat
Oren has been busy inferring what both characters might have been feeling in the bag stealing scene. He has also written a diary entry in the character of the old lady. Well done Oren; some really insightful thoughts!
Paint the Picture
Josie has been putting her artistic talent to good use to create her own grey cityscape, like those in the book. I particularly love the girl with the purple umbrella walking under the yellow street light! She has also created a mind-map of amazing adjectives and spectacular similes to describe one of the grey street scenes.
Independent Writing
Cooper has written his own story about a frog King called Gerald who enters a once in a decade dance competition. However things don't go quite to plan and Gerald finds himself in danger. Can he escape in time? Check out the story to find out.
Cooper has been writing about his Minecraft adventures. It all sounds very exciting, and it was lucky he was there to prevent the fires spreading!


Telling the Time using 24 hour digital clocks

Cooper has been working exceptionally hard learning to tell the time using a 24 hour clock. Not only that, he can now convert between 12 and 24 hour clocks like a real pro!

Telling the Time (1 minute intervals)

Cooper has been improving his time-telling ability even further. He can now look at the clock and know to the minute what time it is. Very impressive!

Telling the Time (5 minute intervals)
I know who I will be asking what time it is in class! Florence has perfected telling the time in 5 minute intervals using a traditional clock. She even got to use her knowledge of Roman Numerals in the last question! Do you agree with her?
Cooper has also been developing his time skills and can now tell the time in 5 minute intervals both past and to the hour. Check out all of his hard work here:
Telling the Time (Quarter To and Quarter Past)
Cooper has become a real expert in telling the time using quarter to and quarter past. Look at all the amazing work he has done this week to really master the topic!
Telling the time (O'clock and Half Past)
Cooper is all over this time business! His work clearly shows that he can tell the time using O'clock and Half Past. 
Time Facts (AM and PM)
Florence has been learning how to use AM and PM to show on a 12 hour clock whether it is morning or afternoon. I think she has definitely mastered this topic!
Cooper has also been mastering using AM and PM to explain what time of day it is.  
Time Facts (Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days)
Florence has become a human time machine! She has been using her time facts to help her to compare different units of time to discover which is the longest.
Cooper has also been using his time facts to compare times. He has become a real expert in understanding how different amounts of time compare to each other.
Oren has risen to the challenge again. He has created a whole grid of different symmetrical patterns using only 9 squares. He has even used different lines of symmetry in his patterns. Can you find the lines of symmetry in his patterns?
Cooper has been finding the line of symmetry in a set of shapes. He seems especially confident  when deciding if the line is drawn correctly or not.
Position and Direction
Oren has been writing directions to code a robot to move around a grid. What directions would he need to add to get his robot to draw a square?
Cooper has been practising moving objects and writing directions - I think he was enjoying using his Minecraft skills in Maths work!
Cooper has been working incredibly hard identifying, drawing and comparing a range of angles. I think he is definatly now an angles expert!
Maths Challenge - 27th April

Someone has been using their knowledge of 3D shapes to solve the shape riddles. They even used the shape properties sheets to double check the facts and confirm their choices!

Josie has been using her knowledge of shapes to also solve the riddles in this week's Miss Coleman Maths Challenge. I see I am going to have to make the challenges more challenging!
Reasoning Challenge - Make Patterns with 3D Shapes
Oren has been practising his reasoning skills spotting the pattern to help him predict which 3D shape will come next in the sequence.  
Recognise and Describe 3D Shapes
Cooper has been working hard to recognise and describe 3D shapes. I think he definitely has this down to a T!
Oren has also been developing his 3D skills. He has had fun exploring the edges, faces and vertices of different shapes.
Count Edges on 3D Shapes
Cooper has been counting edges on different 3D shapes. I particularly like how he has drawn a line through the edges as he is counting them, so he doesn't miscount!
Maths Challenge - 20th April
Well done to Oren who has successfully completed the maths challenge this week and past the Miss Coleman proof test! I am impressed by the way that you used an array to solve the problem.
Count Vertices on 2D shapes
Oren has been hard at work counting vertices on 2D shapes. I think after this he is going to be seeing vertices everywhere he looks!
Sort 2D Shapes
Cooper has been hard at work learning all about 2D shapes. He is know an expert in knowing which shapes are which and why.
Josie has also been busy sorting 2D shapes. She has become a real shape-expert!
Draw 2D Shapes
Oren has been practising drawing different shapes. He knows how many lines and vertices each shape should have and has been experimenting with what different pentagons, triangles and quadrilaterals could look like.
Challenge - Making patterns with 2D shapes
Josie has been demonstrating her reasoning skills to work out which shape would come next in a sequence. Great observation and deduction skills Josie - well done!
Challenge - Problem Solving - 2D Shapes
Cooper has really been putting his Mathematical skills to good use by solving these problems. I love how he has clearly explained how he knows something and on Challenge 3 has even drawn a proper triangle to prove his point!
Someone has been solving real-life multiplication and division problems while helping mum with the laundry. If there are 24 socks, how many pairs are there?
A huge well done to Oren who has mastered his 2, 5 and 10 times table. He has been continuing to complete his 17 club tests at home and has scored a hattrick of 100% in 3 consecutive tests. Great work Oren and welcome to the 24 club!

Other Learning

Someone has been learning still life drawing with 3D objects. I love the accuracy and detail in getting the lines to go in the right direction!
Someone has been busy winning badges! After working hard to draw and colour a picture of a train, it got sent into Blue Peter and a badge arrived in the post this morning! Well done.
Sebastian has been inspired to make a Butterfly Light Catcher to brighten up the windows in his house. I think it will look lovely with the sun streaming through and reflecting different coloured light around the room.
Someone has been busy making a lovely picture for our NHS workers! I know that they will love all the hard work and care that went into making the picture.

Term 4 Learning


Write like Roald Dahl

Florence has written an ingenious ending to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for Roald Dahl. She has even typed it up - so it is ready to be published straight away!

James has created his own Coronavirus comic. He says "Over the past few days, I’ve been making a comic about two superheroes who are actually my pets in real life - a Syrian hamster called ‘ET’ and an Oranda fish called, ‘Wanda Yu’. ET uses his mouth to carry Wanda Yu around, he has X-Ray vision, can chomp through anything and he has Nunchucks. Wanda Yu has Ninja Stars, she’s super smart and she uses her tail to fly.
The heroes need to save a town called Petville from a monster called ‘Coronavirus’ and in the end they both get sick and all seems lost until an NHS doctor saves the day." James sent the comic to Health Secretary Matt Hancock to wish him a speedy recovery from Coronavirus and was excited to receive a letter back from him in the post!


Check it out....

All about Chocolate

Sebastian has been hard at work researching more about chocolate and creating his own fascinating information text about the process of turning a cocoa bean into chocolate. 

Oren has been learning more about Cadburys chocolate - he has even typed up his research. I think he is planning to set up his own chocolate company one day!


After rescuing some tadpoles from a puddle on a walk last week, someone has started her own mini-project all about the tadpoles journey to become frogs! I wonder how long it will take before she starts to see a change?!

Ready, steady, cook

Somebody has been busy making a Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory inspired cake for his Birthday. Wow, I bet even Mr Wonka couldn't imagine a more chocolaty cake!

Someone else has also been caught by the chocolate bug and has been making 3 ingredient brownies. Looks like the family are in for a treat today!

Extreme Reading

Somebody has been quick off the mark, finding an extreme reading place to finish Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in peace! Ssssshhhhh, don't tell the anyone how it ends!

Dear Diary,

Someone has been hard at work in the hot seat! They have been answering some questions in the character of Veruca Salt about her visit to the Chocolate factory. 


Oren has written a diary entry in the character of Augustus Gloop - check out the amazing similes!
Florence has written a beautifully descriptive diary entry as Charlie about finding the golden ticket and visiting the factory.  Well done for scoring lots of punctuation points as well!
Josie has written a very descriptive diary entry for Charlie about his day in the chocolate factory. I can't help but notice the beautiful handwriting as well!
Pippa has written a diary entry for Charlie about the anticipation of entering the chocolate factory. It's a good thing his grandparents were on hand to give him some advice about the ticket!


Oren has also written his own diary entry sharing his thoughts about Covid-19. A very insightful piece - well done! 

World book day

James has been busy at home the last few months making his rather impressive Achilles costume for World Book Day. It is all completely handmade (apart from the helmet)!


James describes how he made it "The shield is made out of a bin lid on some plywood. The 'V' is made out of cardboard and is painted red. The shin protectors are my old football shin pads painted gold. The armour is made out of pretend leather. We used a real live sewing machine for it and we used tailors chalk to mark out the armour before we cut the leather."  

I can't wait to see the real thing, but in the meantime check out the pictures.

You've got mail
Florence has written a letter of thanks in the character of Charlie to Willy Wonka,
Oren has written a beautiful letter thanking all the nurses and doctors for their help battling Covid-19.

Willy Wonka Top Trumps

Sebastian has been busy brainstorming some new inventions for Mr Wonka's factory and has made his first top trump card.

Quiz Time

Florence has become a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory expert - completing both crosswords and wordsearches. Next stop - Mastermind!

Oren took the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory quiz - scoring 6 out of 10. He has written these questions to add to the quiz! How many can you answer correctly?

Handwriting and Spelling

Oren has also been busy practising his handwriting - focusing on those tricky p's. Beautiful handwriting Oren! Keep it up.

Sebastian has been multi-tasking and practising his handwriting and his spellings at the same time.


Maths Challenge - 30th March

Oren is fast becoming a gold-medal challenger! Have a look to see how he solved it!

Someone else has also passed the Miss Coleman proof test and solved the challenge.
Pippa used cubes to work out this tricky challenge.

Maths Challenge - 23rd March

Someone has not only solved the Maths Challenge but has also passed the Miss Coleman proof test! I'm not giving the game away just yet by showing you his answer....but here is a clue about how they proved it.

Cooper also successfully passed the Miss Coleman maths challenge - using an array of money to prove how many marbles there would be in bag (or in Coopers case in the Unspeakable cap!).
Someone else has also successfully completed the Challenge using the very best of proof - tea! Hopefully your mum got a nice cuppa after you'd finished?

Garden Zoologist

Somebody has been enjoying the sunshine while taking stock of the wildlife in and around their garden. They have also created a whole host of interesting graphs to show their findings!

Cooper has also been looking closely for what he can find in his garden. No sign of frogs yet - but it seems there are lots of flowers out.

All about fractions

Pippa has been going fraction crazy! Check out all this amazing work she has been doing.

Measurement Scavenger Hunt

Someone has been busy challenging their family to a measurement scavenger hunt! It looks like you had great fun and there was even time to makes some graphs about what everyone found (and how long it was) at the end of the game!

Roll the Dice

Cooper has been challenging his family to some dice games. Looks like he had quite a good run of lucky rolls. I wonder who he will take on next?


Somebody has been trying their hand at a new career by being banker during a family game of Monopoly. I wonder who won?

Ready, Steady Cook

Someone has been busy in the kitchen making a delicious lemon drizzle cake for their Dad's birthday.


Josie has been hard at work practising all of her multiplication tables. She has even used a multiplication grid and has started seeing mathematical patterns!


Other Learning


Pippa has been using her artistic flair to make daffodil cards.


Never mind workouts at home, or the morning mile, someone is making the most of the beautiful Kent countryside with their daily bike rides.

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