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Year 7 Transition

As a school we are taking part in the Specialist Teaching and Learning Service’s Transition Programme, which has been devised by Primary and Secondary teachers to make that move from year 6 to 7 just that little bit easier.

Each week I will be uploading suggested activities that the children could complete in their transition booklets. 


Wb Monday 18th May

This week you will be looking at another key skill ready for Secondary school and that is managing your money. Most of your new  schools will have a pre-paid system for paying for your lunches/snacks and you will be responsible managing your money and making healthy and sensible food choices throughout the week.

Your activity this week will be pages 14 and 15 of your transition booklet titled: Eating Healthily/Managing your money


Your parents at home might even set you challenges throughout the week to help you with this - is it hard to have a budget? Do you choose healthy or unhealthy things? 

Wb Monday 11th May

This week you will be focusing on the skill of reading a school timetable. If you look on the school website can you find an example of a typical timetable? If not, there is an exemplar in the booklet and i'll attach it below as well. 

When looking through the timetable can you work out what equipment and resources you would need to take each day? 


Activity: How to read a School timetable  p12-13 in your Transition Book  


Here is the example from your transition book. Remember this is only an example and your timetable might look different. 

Wb Monday 4th May 2020

This week you will begin to look more at your new Secondary school. 

You will need to go onto your new school's website to try and find all of the information to complete pages 3 - 6 of your transition booklet :) 


Wb Monday 27th April 


This week I would like you to start thinking about your journey to secondary school. What will this look like?

  • You could walk the route to where you'll need to get the bus as part of your daily exercise (if this is appropriate)
  • You could plan your routes to school using Google Earth, Google Maps or other Apps such as Waze.
  • You could download the Arriva app to get used to looking at bus times. 


Wb Monday 20th April 

There are two transition tasks to have a go at this week. The first one is to complete the Pupil Questionnaire by 24th April. It's nice and short with lots of multiple choice quesions so shouldn't take you too long!

Follow the link and answer the questions:


The second task is on Page 8 of your booklet: Going to Secondary School – How do you feel? (It's the one that looks like this) 


Use two different coloured pens to ‘sort’ the statements that you are worried about, and those you are confident with.

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