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More Maasai Adventures (Write your own version of 'Footprints in the Wind')

In class, we often magpie the plot of a story, changing a few key details to put our own spin on it. This is a trick that all good writers use to help them with their story writing. The characters can change, the dangerous animal can change, but ultimately its a story about how a brave Maasai warrior goes in search of a mysterious animal, making some mistakes along the way that can leave him in great danger....... 


Write your own version of 'Footprints in the Wind' Think of a Maasai warrior and all the dangerous animals that he can encounter as he leaves to safety of the Manyatta to track a mysterious animal which threatens his village.


What is the mysterious animal (lion, rhino, leopard, elephant, water buffalo)? What other dangers will he meet along the way (a stampede of water buffalo, a snake bite, a crocodile in the lake, a hungry lion, a volcano erupting)? Will all of the choices he makes be the right ones (going on ahead of his friends, moving rocks, climbing trees, sleeping outside, drinking all his water)? Will he get any help from any other trees, animals or Enkai the Maasai God)? Will he succeed in his quest and will he make it home?


You might want also want to magpie ideas from the Lion King and your Greek Myth stories.

Don’t forget to:

  • make a story map/plan before you start writing.
  • write in neat joined-up handwriting
  • use ambitious vocabulary
  • write in paragraphs (about 6-8 sentences in each paragraph).
    • Paragraph 1 - set the scene (describe what the Maasai lands and your character look like).
    • Paragraph 2 - introduce the 'quest' and how your character feels about it.
    • Paragraph 3 - set off on the quest and encounter the first danger. End the paragraph on a cliff-hanger……...
    • Paragraph 4 - survive the first danger but quickly encounter another...………..
    • Paragraph 5 - complete your quest and return home to a heroes welcome.
  • use capital letters at the start of sentences and for proper nouns (names of people and places).
  • get as many ‘Miss Coleman punctuation points as you can by using a variety of punctuation (. , 'possession 'contraction ! ? " " ………. )
  • finished? Don’t forget to edit and improve your work!


Create a front and back cover for your story and turn your writing into its own book!

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