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Wildlife Warriors (Follow the Instructions to create a wildlife habitat in your garden)

Following instructions is a great way to practise both your reading and comprehension skills. You need to check you have read the words properly, remember what you have read and understand what the words mean. So what are you waiting for lets create some wildlife habitats!


Follow the instructions to make your own mini-wildlife pond from recycled materials. Once you have made it, watch the wildlife come into your garden and set up home!


Write your own instructions of how to do something to improve the environment, it might be to set up a bird feeding/watering station, make a woodlice home or collect rainwater to water the garden with.


Don't forget to:

- Use headings and sub-headings so information is easy to find.

- Use bullet points for lists to make them easier to read.

- Write instructions in numbered sentences.

- Include a picture or photo to show how the food should look when finished.

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