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In the Hot Seat (Infer what Sokai might be thinking and feeling)

Predictions about what could happen next are an important part of reading. As long as you have based your predictions on information in the text and explained your thinking there is no right or wrong answer. How many different possibilities can you find?


Use your inference skills to predict what has made the footprints that Sokai has found? Don't forget to explain why you think this using clues from the text e.g. I think it might be a lion as the day before the Maasai had hunted lions. Then imagine you were in Sokai's shoes and had just found the footprints. Would you want to keep going or would you want to run away? What reasons would you have?


Write a diary entry in the character of Sokai explaining the reasons for wanting to stay and the reasons for running away. What do you decide to do in the end?

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