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What a dilema (Should the character keep her promise?)

In class we often help a character decide what they should do by forming a conscious alley to give them our opinions on why they should/shouldn't do something. Once the character has walked down the alley and considered all of the options (and reasons) then they are in better position to decide what they should do. Over the year we have helped Bluebeard's wife decide whether she should open the door, Theseus on whether he should battle the Minotaur and Judas on whether he should betray Jesus.

The main character in the story stole the bag from the old lady as she was hungry and had no money. She thought there would be food and money in the bag. To get the bag she made a promise 'to plant them' however when she opened the bag she found only acorns (which grow into trees that don't produce food or make money). Should she still keep her promise?


How many different reasons can you think for why she should and why she shouldn't keep her promise? Write a list with bullet points for each option. 


Write a diary entry for the main character where she debates what she should do.


Paragraph 1 - what has happened that day.

Paragraph 2 - reasons to keep the promise.

Paragraph 3 - reasons to not keep the promise.

Paragraph 4 - what the character has finally decided to do.

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