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Week beginning 1st June 2020

In maths this week, we are focusing on 'Time'. 



- Learn the days of the week song

- Ask an adult to help you write the days of the week of pieces of paper, can you order them correctly?

- Which activities do you do at different times of the day? Can you act them out for someone to guess?

- Have a go at making your own clock outside using natural resources . Can you find 2 sticks for the hands of your clocks? Look carefully at the length of them!

- Can you make different o'clock times on your clock?


Year One

- Learn the days of the week - can you answer questions about the days? Which day is after Thursday? Which day is before Monday? Which days are at the weekend? If tomorrow is Saturday, what is the day today? This link to the BBC might help you!

- Learn the months of the year (link to song)

- Practice finding o'clock and half past on a clock. What happens at different times throughout the day?

- Make your own clock.

- Watch this clip about days and months and then use the page below from a calendar to ask and answer questions i.e. 

What day of the week is 7th June 2020?

What is the day and date today/yesterday?

What will be the date on Monday?

How many Tuesdays are in June?

How many days are there in June?

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