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Week beginning 18th May 2020

Polar Bear, Polar Bear what do you hear? 


*Discuss the adjectives to describe the animals. What adjectives would you use? 

*Create your own version of Polar Bear. Use the repetitive model of asking the questions and then answering ensuring they have used an adjective e.g. Mrs Relf, Mrs Relf what do you hear? I hear a bird tweeting in my ear. 

*What animals will you include? What adjectives can you use? 

* Do some Yoga using the story as a guide 

* Can you find out facts about each animal and create a fact file on the animal? 

* Draw/paint the animals in the story.




Phase 3; 

Can you read my silly sentences? Can you write your own? 


The brown cow went to town. 

The goat went on a boat. 

It train got a pain in Spain. 

I put a ring on a string and it went ping!



Phase 5: 

Read these yes/no questions. Can you write your own questions and play with a parent? 

Could you carry an elephant on your head?

Can magpie perch on clouds in the sky? 

Is December a summer month? 

Could you make up a story about a giant?

Would you crawl into a thorn bush?





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