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Wb Monday 4th May 2020

Wb Monday 4th May - English Briefing

Monday 4th May - Chapters 36-38

Below is a planning template that follows a typical quest story structure. You could use this to help you to plan out your ending to the story.  


Remember if you don't want to box it up in this way, I have put a blank boxing up template for you to use instead. 


I have left both of the templates in word format so you can type straight onto them if you would prefer. 


Today you will need to plan out your ending and write your first section/paragraph.

Tuesday 5th May - Chapters 39-41

Today you will need to continue writing and complete your second section/paragraph. 

Wednesday 6th May - Chapters 42-44

Today you will need to focus on you third paragraph. Like in class it might be useful to read back through what you have already done. 

Thursday 7th May - Chapters 45-47

Today you will need to write your fourth section/paragraph. 


If you have raced ahead and are further along in your plan, you could use today to edit your work. 

Remember when editing: 

                                           - Focus on one thing at a time

                                           - Don't just change spellings and punctuation is there anywhere                                                    you can make additions in your work? 

                                           - Are there places in your story where you have taken

                                             inspiration from the book? 

Friday 8th May - Chapters 48-50

Today is the final day we will be looking at the book Holes. I hope you have all enjoyed the story! 


For the final day you will need to finish off your story (if you haven't already). It is now down to you what you do for this lesson. 

You could: 

                  - Read the chapters that you have missed (if you didn't want to read the                                   ending this week) 

                  -You could write/type up your ending and present it in any way you would like.                      Think back to some of the ways you did this in your published English                                  book. 

                  - If you haven't finished you could get the final section finished and edit. 



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