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Wb Monday 27th April 2020

Monday Briefing

In chapter 20 the warden slaps Mr. Sir across the face with her nail polish that has snake venom in it. Although it doesn't kill him, it still hurts him. 

Your task is to take an everyday object (like the lipstick) and redesign it so it has an evil twist. You could pick anything but you must make sure you change it in some way. 

Use this template below to help you to plan it out. The template is to design a new make-up that has an evil twist but you can choose to do something else. 


Still image for this video

Wednesday Briefing

We have learnt a lot about Kissin' Kate Barlow. She started off as the respected teacher Katherine Barlow and through these chapters her character has transformed into the famous outlaw! 


Can you draw a comic strip showing this small story of what happened to her?

You could start with her as the teacher in one box and finish with how she died in the last.  As this is quite a big activity you could do this over two days.

Here are a couple of templates you could print out and use. If you don't have a printer you could use them as a guide for your own comic strip

Thursday Briefing

This is an extra task for those of you who have finished their comic strip (if you haven't don't worry, use this time to keep doing it). 


Create a wanted poster for Kissin' Kate Barlow (a wanted poster would have been hung up to let the people know they were a criminal and needed catching). 

They will usually include: 

- a picture of the person they are looking for

- a small description of the person and the crimes they have committed 

- a bounty (a reward) for anyone who catches or can give information about the person

- Some poster might have said 'dead or alive' offering the reward for either! 


Here is an example someone has done for the character The Highwayman - you could use this one as a WAGOLL





Friday 1st May - Chapters 32 - 35

A bit of an art project to finish off the week. Can you create a picture of what you think the skyline looks like to Stanley and Zero. They are currently in the desert in the middle of what used to be the lake, looking out towards mountains more specifically 'the big thumb'. 

Hold your hand out in front of you and form a fist with your thumb up, how could you turn that image into a mountain? 


You can use whatever you have around your house to make your landscape, be as creative as you can :) 


Images taken from the film


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