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Wb Monday 20th April 2020

English Weekly Briefing - Monday 20th April

Monday 20th April

While you are reading this chapter I would like you to have a think about these questions:

-Why do you think X-ray is mean to Stanley at the beginning of the chapter?

-What is something that surprises you about the warden?

-Why do you think she is being nice to the boys?  


Once you have finished reading you will have noticed that this chapter gives us a lot more information about what the Warden looks like and you might be beginning to wonder what the real reason is they are digging holes in the Texas heat. 

For your Monday task I would like you to describe the Warden. This could be done by either drawing a picture of her with descriptive labels around her or you could write a paragraph describing the character (I don't mind which one you pick to do).


Look at her appearance and what this might reveal about her (see page 66);

Look at the way she speaks to and treats the staff at the Camp (see page 66-68);

Her behaviour towards X-ray (page 66)

What the others think about her (see page 16 and page 1). 


Tuesday 21st April

While you are reading this chapter I would like you to have a think about these questions:

-Why does the Warden make them dig in pairs? 

-Find one phrase that suggests she wants them to be careful when looking

-Did we find out why X-ray was mean to Stanley in the last chapter?


In this chapter we see the warden continue to be nice to the boys - the thing that they found must be very important to her! 

What I would like you to do today is to predict if you think the boys will find anything in the next chapter. Once you have decided, I would like you to pretend you are the Warden and think about what you would say to the boys. 

If you predict they won't find anything new, you could have a think about whether her mood would change, would she start shouting at them and would she treat them differently? 

If you think they do find something new you could think about what the Warden will do with them all, does the new thing they find help to work out what is going on at the camp? 

As you all enjoy acting, some of you may want to record yourself reading as if you are the Warden. You could focus on how she would have said it and what you can do with your voice. 

If you don't feel confident recording yourself, don't worry :) 

Wednesday 22nd April

While you are reading this chapter I would like you to have a think about these questions:

-Why doesn't Stanley tell the Warden where he really found the tube?

-Why do you think Stanley wanted to read his letter in private? 

-Why do you think Zero is so quiet? 


Today's task is a small one because I want you to really think about what you have read so far. Look back at the things we know about the character of Zero. How does Louis Sachar build sympathy for this character? (What I mean by this is when you are reading about Zero, how does the author make us feel sorry for him?) 

I am not expecting you to write your answer down, but you can if you find it easier.  

Thursday 23rd April

While you are reading this chapter I would like you to have a think about these questions:

-Why do you think everyone is starting to hurt each other? 

-Can you find 3 ways that show the Warden is getting fed up? 

For your Thursday task I want you to start thinking about the secret that Stanley is keeping. They have now been digging in the wrong place for a week and a half and Stanley knows that they won't find anything there and it is a waste of time. I would like you to draw a table that looks like this: 


For        Against


In the 'For' column I want you to list all of the reasons why you think Stanley should tell the Warden the truth. In the against column you need to write all of the reasons you think Stanley should continue to lie. There are no right or wrong answers here, just your own opinions :)

Friday 24th April

While you are reading these chapters I would like you to have a think about these questions:

-What does Stanley mean when he says his heart had hardened as well? 

-Why do you think Squid shouts at Stanley? How could they both be feeling? 

-Why do you think Stanley took the blame for the sunflower seeds?



These chapters demonstrate some of the most dramatic changes in Stanley's character. Stanley has toughened physically from digging holes every day. Those that he is surrounded by have forced him to change his character as well. Stanley has learned that he must be wary of others and take care of himself, and this sometimes requires being mean to others. A more positive change that Stanley has undergone is a heightened sense of bravery. Even though Stanley did not steal the sunflower seeds he bravely says that he did. 


For your Friday English task, I would like you to write a diary entry as Stanley. In your diary I want you to explain why you said the sunflower seeds were yours and also describe how you are feeling about seeing the warden, what do you think she is going to do and say to you?

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