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Wb Monday 18th May 2020


Have you ever looked at a door and wondered what might be on the other side? Where may it lead? What may be hiding within? At first glance, a door is just a piece of wood, glass or metal that is opened and closed so that people can get in and out of a room, a vehicle or a space. But in the hands of a writer, a door represents a world of possibility, a world where things are not only hidden but often closed off and restricted. Together, through poetry, text games and narrative, we shall explore the potential that a door offers to you, the writer.

Monday 18th May - Chapter Nine

Daniel experiences what it's like to have the feeling of curiosity when he walks through the Emporium looking at all of the doors surrounding him. 


Your task today is to begin writing a poem inspired by Kit Wright’s ‘The Magic Box’ (I've attached it below for you to read if you would like). In the poem, Kit imagines what may be contained inside a magical box. We can use this idea to connect to what could be behind the magical door.


Before you begin, brainstorm a list of ideas for what might be behind the door. Let your imagination run wild as there is no wrong answer. Once you have your list, have a go at writing a poem, using the repeating opener: I opened the magical door and saw …

Here’s an example to help you get going:
I opened the magical door and saw shadows dancing.
I opened the magical door and saw a rainbow leading to another world.


Writing Challenge:
Can you explore more of the senses? You may like to try the following pattern:
I opened the magical door and saw …
I opened the magical door and heard …
I opened the magical door and smelt …
I opened the magical door and touched …
I opened the magical door and found …


Tuesday 19th May - Chapter 10

Yesterday you gathered your initial ideas and began to build a simple repeating pattern to a poem. Today you will need to use the lines from your poem yesterday to add more description or bring the thing to life through action, e.g.
I opened the magical door and saw a world turned upside down becomes,


I opened the magical door and saw …
a world turned upside down:         
the sea, now a floating ceiling,
the clouds, an inviting carpet.


Here are a couple more examples to help you get an idea, 

I opened the magical door and saw …
A forest of mirrors,
surrounding me in dazzling white light,
leading me into a world of mystery.

I opened the magical door and saw…
A feast of my favourite foods
Guarded by monster chips
Waiting to fight off all invaders.


Wednesday 20th May - Chapter Eleven

Today, we are going to consider the importance of fluency and expression when we read. Begin by reading Miroslav Holub’ s poem The Door You may like to listen to these two contrasting performances:

The Door - a poem by Miroslav Holub

Use this idea of fluency and expression to record yourself reading the poem you wrote yesterday. 

Thursday 21st May - Chapter Twelve

Today I want you to think about the character of Ellie. In chapters 10 and 11 we learn that Ellie can't leave the Emporium and no one can see her. Lucien tells Daniel it is because of a condition she has. Do you believe Mr Silver? 

What do you think is the reason why Ellie can't leave and can't be seen by other humans?  

Friday 22nd May - Chapter Thirteen

After Daniel tells Lucien about the new room he tried to create, the next couple of lines describes Lucien Silver... 


'Silver's shoulders seemed to sag a little. He looked old and hunched. And then he straightened up and was himself again.'  


Use this description to write what you think Silver is feeling in this moment


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