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Wb Monday 11th May 2020

The Nowhere Emporium

Here is our new book for English. Each week I will be uploading daily audio clips of the chapters for you to listen too. 



Monday 11th May - Prologue and Chapter 1

Sorry for the noise at around 11 minutes - that was my cat whining

Looking at the front cover, the blurb and having listened to the prologue and chapter one what are your initial impressions of the book? Use the attached document to write down your thoughts and feelings so far. 

Tuesday 12th May - Chapters 2 & 3

In these two chapters we learn more about the character of Daniel and are introduced to the owner of the Nowhere Emporium. The shop keeper begins to ask Daniel lots of questions about himself and takes a particular interest in him. Why do you think that is? 

Create a spider diagram of everything you know about Daniel so far. 

Wednesday 13th May - Chapter 4

Like in Holes, this book includes chapters that are flashbacks.

Why do you think this point in the past might be important to the main story?

Thursday 14th May - Chapters 5 & 6

In chapters 5 and 6 we see Daniel being saved from a car accident by the owner of the emporuim, who we later find out is called Lucien Silver. 

Mr. Silver has offered Daniel a deal to stay in the emporium with him which he accepts. Do you think this was the right idea? 


In class we often create a conscious alley; a piece of drama to help when a character faces a dilemma. 

Use the sheet below to give Daniel different options on what to do. After each bullet point you need to write reasons why he should stay and reasons why he shouldn't. 

Friday 15th May - Chapters 7 & 8

Daniel sees what 'opening night' is for the emporium and learns more about where he is and what Mr. Silver has created. At the end of chapter 7 he informs Daniel that he will be tested. 


Write a diary entry as Daniel describing the 'opening night' and what he thinks his first task could be. You can write or type this up :) 

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