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Wb Monday 30th March 2020

First off, well done to everyone who sent me work last week I really enjoyed reading the letters you created! 


This week you will need to read chapters 10 - 13 (pages 48 - 63) to complete the activities below. 

I have put Four tasks for you to choose from and it is up to you what order and how many you would like to have a go at in the week! 


Task One

I would like you to pick either, Stanley, Mr Pendanski or X-Ray and get to know that character better. You will need to draw an outline of a person like this: 

Inside the person you need to write all of the things you know about the character so far. On the outside I would like you to write the things you would like to find out about them. 


Task Two

Make a prediction! What do you think the object is that Stanley has found? Do you think the warden will be interested in it? If you think they would be, why? 

You could also draw a picture to help with your prediction of what the object could be. 


Task Three

For this task you need to decide if you think Stanley should have given the object to X-Ray. I would like you to write a small paragraph debating your point. I'm looking forward to seeing what you all think! 


Task Four

Write a diary entry as Stanley about his second day. How did he feel when he found the fossil? What was he thinking when X-Ray told him he should give all things to him (you could use your idea from task 3 to help you with that bit). 

Here are examples of what the fossil could have looked like:

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