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Wb Monday 30th March 2020

Wb 30.3.20

Below are some activities the children can choose from. Remember you can go back to last week if you want to try one of those!


This week the focus is the 4 operations (+ - x ÷) 


I've added the answers at the bottom of the page so you can mark your work and see how you've done.

Flashback 4

Below is a starter called 'flashback 4' that I like to use at the beginning of each Maths lesson. They are a great way to get the children's brains warmed up ready for the lesson and only take 5 minutes! I have included one for each day as something your children might like to have a go at. 

The two worksheets below are from White Rose Maths (a Scheme we follow as a school). They cover mental calculations and reasoning from known facts, for example if I know 5x6 what other facts do I know? Remember like in class, if you are feeling confident start on a later question :) 

All the Digits


If you have a printer at home you could print these digit cards to help you. If not you could make your own!

A square of numbers



There is an interactive version if you would rather

5 Consecutive Numbers

In this video there are a couple of challenges looking at 5 consecutive numbers. Work your way through the video and see if you can answer some of his questions (great for reasoning!)

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