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Wb Monday 23rd March 2020

Wb 23.3.20

This week I would like you to have a go at trying to work out the area and perimeter of a room in your house, your garden or if you really want a challenge you could try and do your whole house (this might take you a while!)  Remember: 



I'm looking forward to seeing what approaches you take to do this. 

And don't forget to email pictures of you doing this so I can share them on the website for the rest of the class to see! 

Maths Investigation



These pictures were made quite simply by starting with a square, finding the half-way point on each side and joining those points up. This creates a smaller shape (which also happens to be a square) inside the original. The half-way points of this new shape are then joined up to make a third shape. This way of making new shapes is continued until it gets too small to do properly. 

You can, of course, start with any straight-lined shape.

Here's one where I've coloured each new halving line to help to see what has happened more clearly.




So, it's your turn to have a go.

It's probably good to start with a fairly large shape since it's going to get smaller and smaller each time.


Another tip would be to have a large piece of paper and lots of different colours so you can clearly see the triangles for when you start cutting!

Here are some challenges for you to have a go at:


  • Having made a design like one above, cut out the triangles and the smallest inner shape and rearrange the pieces to form a new shape/design.
  • Talk about and record the things you notice as you have drawn more and more halving lines.
  • What is happening to the enclosed area each time the sides are halved?  (Try investigating a regular shape first.)

Always, Sometimes, Never


For this activity you will need to draw out a grid that looks like this: 



Can you sort the following card from the link below into the correct columns?


Can you find examples or counter-examples for each one?

For the “sometimes” cards can you explain when they are true? Or rewrite them so that they are always true or never true?

Guess My Shape!

Below are a set of clues that when used will create a 2D shape.

Can you use the information on the cards to draw the one shape which is being described?

Did you need all the information that was given?  Why or why not?

When you have finished remember to write down your reasoning to show how you got it. 

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