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Week Three - Introduction to the USA

The States of America

This week we will be looking at the states of America. A state is a body of people, living in a defined territory, organised politically, and has the power to make and enforce law without the consent of any higher authority. The United States of America is made up of 50 states, the first being Delaware (ratified in 1787); the last was Hawaii, which became the fiftieth state in 1959.


For the first task you will need to look at compass points 


Use the map of the United States and an eight point compass to complete the task below.

Task Two

Below are some examples of maps created by the artist Mizielinski. They are created by using colour and pictures to represent a particular area of the country. 

I have attached below a blank map of the USA. Could you create your own map of the USA in the style of Mizielinski? 

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