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Tune in for the News (Record your own Newscast on the Environment)

Newsreaders have to make sure they are confident readers. Just behind the camera there is a scrolling screen of words that they read from. They have to read clearly, confidently, with good expression and not too fast!


Are you ready to show of your presenting skills!? Watch the Newsround clip below paying really close attention to the newsreaders. Then chose 1 or 2 stories that you would like to read from this week's texts. Practise reading the sections aloud until you are confident to start making a voice or video recording. Remember to take care not to speak too quietly, too fast or with no expression (like a robot).  


Got a story from home that you would like to share? Write your own news script about an event that has happened at home maybe someone ate the last of the cornflakes, a rare bird was spotted in your back garden or you have just ridden your bike without stabilisers for the first time. When you are ready record this story to join the rest of the news!

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