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The Maya

Computing task

This week I would like you to have a go at creating a game on scratch. This can look however you like as long as it has the theme of the ancient Maya. 

Follow the steps below on how to create it online and share it with me so I can put it on the school website for everyone else to play! 


Step One

You will need to follow this link to scratch online. 


Step Two

Next you will need to click Join and create an account (Make sure you ask an adult to do this step for you) 

Step Three

Now it's time to make your game. You need to click the create button and then you should be able to make your game. Once you have finished you need to find the button that says 'share'.

Step Four

You now need to give your game a name and write some simple instructions so people know how to play your game. 

Step Five

Once you have finished your instructions you need to click the button 'copy link'. Your mum or dad then needs to email me the link and I will be able to add it to the website for the rest of the class to play. 


I can't wait to see the games you come up with!

This quarter our topic in Discovery is The Maya. Below you will find a variety of activities to have a go at: 

  • Using materials around the house could they create a model city state. You will need to make sure you have a temple, markets, a square in the middle, some houses for the rich and a ball court to play Pok-a-Tok.

  • For Mayan people weaving represents a tie to the past and to their ancient traditions. Could you try and use the skill of weaving to create your own pattern? You could use wool or strips of paper.




Masks played a central role in Maya culture. They were made for a variety of occasions and purposes. In fact, they were even used to decorate temples. Masks were often inspired by animals; they were vibrant and colourful. The Mayas believed that animals represented the spirits. For example, many Maya often associated strong kings with jaguars.


Mayas were buried with a death mask, which was intended to protect the wearer on their journey to the afterlife. The death mask of King Pakal is one of the most famous Maya artefacts.

  • Design a Maya mask. Decide whether you want to design an event mask or a death mask.
  • The Mayans believed that chocolate was a gift from the gods. To them, cacao beans were more valuable than gold. See if you can bake/make something using chocolate. 
  • I was so impressed with Maya universe designs that you all drew! Could you use that design to make the universe? 



  • Can you build a Maya Pyramid? You could use anything you can find around the house to make one!  
  • Research the game Pok-A-Tok. Can you write a set of instructions on how to play? 

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