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Storymap (Create an overview of the main events of the story)

A great skill to have as a reader, is the ability to remember the key sequence of events from a story. This is called a 'summary' and it helps us to remember the most important information in the correct order to help us understand the story. In class we use Storymap (a sequence of stick pictures featuring the main event) to help us create a summary.


Listen to the story again. After each page or so pause the story and draw a stick picture summarising the main point. Keep playing and pausing the story until you have created your own storymap. Remember it's not an art lesson, so don't worry too much about the drawings, as long as you have the main events in the correct order, then that is all that matters!


Use your storymap to retell the story. It doesn't matter if you don't remember all the words exactly, as long as you cover the main points of the book. You could make a video of you retelling the story or if your feeling confident, you could perform it live to your family.

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