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Set the Scene (write your own setting description for the story)

Describing what something looks like (setting the scene) is really important so that the reader can imagine the place where the story is set. This is especially important when describing lands which are far away that the reader may not have visited. Read the setting description below which is taken from a different short story in our book. See how the author has used a range of descriptive tools that we have learnt about in class to really paint a picture in the readers mind.


Choose one of the scenes (below) from the book and write an opening setting paragraph (6-7 sentences) for the story. Describe what you see using amazing adjectives, expanded noun phrases and similes. Don't forget to also use a variety of punctuation and to edit and improve your work once finished. 


Make a postcard using a picture from somewhere far away that you have visited and a written description describing what it is like on the back. Don't give away the name of the place and we will see who can guess where it is!

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