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Set the scene (get creative with similies and expanded noun phrases)

The author has used a wide range of descriptive tools to really paint a picture in the readers mind. We have had learnt about these methods in class;

Adjective (a describing word to paint a picture in the readers mind)

Expanded noun phrases (adding some adjectives before the noun to really describe what something looks like)

Similes (comparing something to something very well known to describe exactly what something is like)                                

Even better......create a sentence using expanded noun phrases and similes...…!


 e.g. Suddenly, I saw a red fiery dragon with claws as sharp as daggers.)


Chose one of the images from the book, then write your own similes, expanded noun phrases and adjectives to describe the picture. 


Write your own setting description. Create a paragraph (4-6 sentences) describing what you can see in the picture. Don't forget to use the writing checklist to make sure that your writing shows of everything that you can do! 

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