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Science - Plants

Here are a few video clips about our current topic 'Plants'. Have a go at some of the suggested ideas after watching the videos. We'd love to see any photos of you growing your own plants! These are some sunflower seedlings that I have grown from seeds - they're enjoying growing in the warm greenhouse. I wonder how tall they will get? Watch this space....

Parts of a plant

Can you draw a picture of a plant and label the different parts? Can you include the words - roots, stem/trunk, leaves, flowers etc. Try to write a short description of the function each part plays.

What do plants need to survive?

Have you planted any seeds this year? When your seeds have turned into seedlings, where is the best place to put them to grow? What do they need? Can you think of any reasons for differences in plant growth in different locations?

How does water get from the roots to leaves of a plant?

With the help of an adult, maybe you could have a go at this experiment. How long does the dye take to get from the roots to the petals? What do they look like? 

Classifying and and grouping plants

Can you think of any ways to categorise plants using the information in the video clip? Maybe you could chose a poster of one of the plants and label its characteristics.

Are plants the same all year round?

Have a look at some of the trees and plants around you, how do they change to suit the environment? What are the differences between deciduous and evergreen trees?

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