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Journalist on Assignment! (Vitually 'meet' an environmental campaigner and write a short newspaper article)

Newspaper articles are a type of Information Text. This means that they are only allowed to include things that are true and have happened. Journalists have to be very careful that they are not making up extra details to make a story more interesting!


The Newspaper wants to publish some more stories next week in the 'Meet the campaigners' section of the page. You are going on assignment to research facts to write an article on this topic! Chose the campaign below that you are most interested in covering then click on the link below to be taken on location to the Newsround Website. Once you have got all the information you need write an article (a short paragraph for the newspaper) on your story. You can only use facts from the video in your work - no making up stories that aren't true! Don't forget to pick up some Miss Coleman punctuation points for using as many different pieces of punctuation in your work as possible.

Artist make Giant Sculptures with Beach Plastic.

Artist Rod Arnold started collecting plastic from his local beach before the lockdown. He has now cleaned and sorted it to make giant sculptures to highlight the amount of rubbish found on out beaches. 

The 12-year old who is fighting plastic pollution

Tilly, 12, from Cheshire is on a mission to help to reduce plastic waste by getting local shops to sign up to free water refills. She spends her spare time persuading businesses in the town of Wilmslow to be part of a special app, which shows how people can top up their bottles for free.

Kids demand supermarkets reduce plastic waste

Last month a primary school posted a video asking supermarkets to take action on plastic waste. They want them to reduce the ammount of non-essential plastic packaging on food.

The Garbage Orchestra

A group of musicians in Mexico couldn't afford their own instruments, so they made their own using rubbish. They have now made over 25 different instruments and recorded 3 albums!



Write some interview questions that you want to ask the people in the story to get even more information for your article. Record an Interview with a member of your family answering the questions as one of the characters.

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