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Roll the dice....(Dice games you can play with all the family).

Dice Games

Dice games are fun to play with all the family. The dice games below also help to keep minds sharp by practising your athematic skills. Keep a piece of paper handy to jot down some calculations/workings out if you need to keep track of the numbers! Why not make a family score board to see who in the family has won the most games!


Remember no calculators needed - you are responsible for working out your own scores!

Little Piggy


Number of players: 2 or more

Arithmetic skills practised: addition (+)


The aim of the game is to be the player to reach 50. You can roll as many times in a row as you like before protecting your score by 'banking' it. Beware, if you roll a double 1 your score becomes 0 and it is the turn of the next player!



Number of players: 2 or more (each player will need to print their own board).

Arithmetic skills practised: addition (+) and subtraction (-)


Players take it in turns to roll two dice. They must add or subtract the two numbers to make a new number, which they cover on the grid with one of their counters. The winner is the player to get a line of counters across the grid.

Number maker


Number of players: 2 or more (each player needs their own board printed).

Arithmetic skills practised: addition (+) subtraction (-) and multiplication


Players take it in turns to roll three dice. They can now use any combination of  addition, subtraction and multiplication to make a number on their board. The winner is the player with most numbers covered after everyone has had 10 turns.



Number of players: 2 or more (each player needs their own score card printed).

Arithmetic skills practised: advanced addition - numbers over 100 (+)


This is a variation on the trademarked Yahtzee game. Players role the dice and decide on the best 'hand' they can play. Each type of 'hand' can only be played once in a game. After 5 rounds, the person with the highest score wins.

All resources were taken from the Mathsticks Dice Games eBook


Create your own dice game. Decide on the rules and resources needed. What maths skills will you need and what do you have to do to win?.

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