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Recycling Definitions (Create a Dictionary entry for those tricky words in the text)

Information Texts often have words that are not commonly used in everyday life and only used when talking about a certain topic. You are more likely to come across words that you are not sure what they mean than when reading a fiction text. A Dictionary can be useful to use to look up the meanings of words you are unsure of. 


Read through the Text again, underline any words that you do not know what they mean. Look them up in a Dictionary and/or have a conversation with an adult about their meaning. Next create an Dictionary definition and picture to help others understand what the word means.


Look at a Dictionary and see how the words are organised. All words are ordered in alphabetical order (using the first 3 letters) from aaa to zzz. Use your alpherbet to help you order some words from the text into alpherbetical order - don't forget to also look at the second and third letters.

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