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Freeze Frames (What has caused Sokai to freeze still? What will he do next?)

In class, we often stop at the beginning and part-way through a book to predict what could happen next. Remember there is no right or wrong answer - it's all about using clues from the pictures and text to predict what could happen. How many different options can you think of?


Brainstorm all your ideas for what could have made Sokai freeze in fear. What has he seen? What do you think could happen next? After you have written down all of your ideas, choose your favourite. 


You are now going to write the next paragraph of the story. Remember to read back through the text to magpie any vocabulary that you want to use. Use a mix of adjectives, verbs, adverbs and similes in your writing and see how many different types of punctuation you can use. When you have finished, edit and improve your work using a different coloured pen.


What do you think Enkai (the Mountain God) is thinking? At the beginning of the story he was angry. Since then, the Maasai are now hunting an animal that was released by Enkai, Sokai has been stung by a scorpion and is separated from his friends. How do you think he is feeling and why? What do you think he will do next? 

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