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Open for business! (Set up a shop in your house and work out how much change your customers need).

Open for business!

Earlier in the year, we had great fun setting up our own shops and taking turns as shopkeepers and customers. We had a fruit and veg shop, a butchers and a smoothie shop. Each customer could buy 1 or 2 things per shop, with the shopkeepers working out how much change they needed. A word of warning...….keep an eye on the shopkeepers - they didn't always give the right amount of change! 


1. First of all decide what type of business/shop you want to set up.


2. Make a sign for the shop and an open/closed sign.


3. Collect together all the things you are going to sell.


4. Make price tags for the items OR make a board showing all the prices.

Year 2: prices should be in multiples of £1 or 2p, 5p and 10p.

Year 3: prices should be in multiples of 50p, 25p, 3p or 4p.


5. Set up your 'till' so you have enough change to give people.


6. Open for business!

How to calculate change


A banana costs 23p
Emma pays with a £1
How much change does she need?




Price your items in pounds and pence (£_:_ _) e,g, £1.25. 

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