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Poetic Dreams (Write a poem about the dreams of a Maasai)

Our Maasai story begins and ends with a dream. At the beginning of the school year we looked at a famous poem by the poet Robert Lewis Stevenson about the dreams of a child. The child dreamt about castles, dragons, magic fruit and brave knights rescuing damsels in distress. I think that the dreams of a Maasai child might be different to ours filled adventures of animals which live all around them in the Serrenghetti: lions, giraffes, elephants, flamingos, zebras, rhinos and hippos.  


Read the poem by Robert Lewis Stevenson again. Notice that every pair of lines rhymes e.g. lines 1 and 2 (bed and head), lines 3 and 4 (round and found) and lines 7 and 8 (streams and dreams). He also uses added detail includinh adverbs to describe the verbs (prowling round) and adjectives to describe nouns (gallient horsemen) to really create a picture in the readers head. Write your own version of this poem about the dreams of a Maasai child. Don't forget to try to make every pair of lines rhyme!


Perform your poem for an audience. You could make an audio or video recording of you reading your poem, or perform it live via face-time to your friends and family. Remember to speak loudly and clearly, pausing at punctuation and varying your tone and pace.

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