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Garden Zoologist.....(collect data on how many different types of animals/insects/plants are in your garden and make a bar chart).

Garden Zoologist

Become a garden zoologist and survey what can be found in your garden! First count up the different type of plants/birds/insects/animals in your garden using a tally chart, then turn your data into a pictogram!

1. Decide what you want to study e.g.:

  • Flowers
  • Birds
  • Insects
  • Animals

2. Choose 6 things that you might find and write/draw them on your tally chart.

3. Go into the garden and create a tally chart to show how many you can spot.

Remember that when you get to 5 you draw a line diagonally across 4 lines to make it easier to count later!

4. Count up your totals and write them in the totals box.

5. Draw a pictogram showing your findings (remember you can draw a picture of each thing or a circle to represent it. Don’t forget to give your graph a name and to label the x and y axis!

6. Write some sentences about your graph to explain what you have found.


e.g.   The most popular bird is a crow.

In my garden there are 3 more blue-tits than jackdaws.

I have double the amount of robins (6) than goldfinches (3).  




Pictograms can be either portrait or landscape so choose the template that you would prefer to use.

Don't forget to:

  • Give your Pictogram a title
  • Label your x-axis (x-to the left)
  • Label your y-axis (y- to the sky)


Use one picture/circle to represent 2 things. Even numbers e.g. 4 would be made up of whole pictures, but odd numbers e.g. 3 would be made up of 1 and a half pictures.

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