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Flower Detectives (What plants can you spot on a family walk?)

Part way through the book, the images turn to colour as the principal protagonist keeps her promise. At this point, the book also comes alive with adjectives (describing words) which really help to paint a picture in the readers mind. Adjectives help writers to add detail to draw the reader further into the story and imagine that they are really there.


Go for a walk in the country, town or woodland - taking with you one of the flower identification guides below. Keep an eye out for the flowers on the guide. When you find one, read the description to double check that you have found the correct flower. Once you are sure, make a list of what other adjectives you could use to improve the description of the flower. 


Write your own spotting guide or information text to help people spot the different types of animals or flowers in their gardens. Don't forget to:

- Use lots of adjectives (describing words) to explain what something looks like. You should be able to identify something just by the description without looking at the picture!

- Include a picture or photo to show how the flower/animal should look.

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