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Endless possibilities (explore what could be in the bag.....)

In class we often stop part-way through a book to predict what could happen next. Remember there is no right or wrong answer - it's all about using clues from the text to predict what could happen. How many different options can you think of?


What do you think is in the bag? What clues from the book make you think this? Remember to look for clues in both the text and the pictures. How many different ideas can you think of? Write your predictions in a mind map or in full sentences.

Writing predictions as a mind map

Writing predictions in full sentences

I believe there could be____________ in the bag. I believe this because in the book it____________.

I predict that _____________ could be in the bag. I think this because_________________________.

I think that the girl will find____________ in the bag. I predict this because____________________.

Due to that fact that in the book ____________________, I think that ______________ is in the bag.


Love making predictions? Have a think about these as well:

- What do you think could happen in the story?

- What do you think the story could be about?

- What do you think the story might be called?

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