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Dear diary........(Write a diary entry for one of children in the book about their visit to Willy Wonka’s factory).

Dear diary...…..

A diary entry is the best way to really put yourself in a characters shoes. What would they think about the day they have just had? Remember to write the diary using 'I' not the characters name or 'she/he.'


After reading the book/watching the film, write a diary entry for Charlie (or one of the other characters: Augustus Gloop, Veruca Salt, Mike Teavee or Violet Beauregarde) about their visit to the Chocolate factory.


Remember to:

 - start your entry 'Dear diary,'

 - write in paragraphs (with 6-8 sentences per paragraph)

 - write as the character (using I not their name or he/she)

 - write in the past tense (watched, ate, played, visited)

 - describe not only what you saw but also what you felt

 - use lots of adjectives (describing words) and similes (as ___ as a ____) (____like ____)

 - use neat joined up handwriting

 - use a variety of punctuation

 - use capital letters at the start of sentences and for proper nouns 

 - proof read and improve your work once finished



Keep your own diary and write in it at the end of the day about what has happened that day. 

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