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Countdown.....(play against your family to see who can use their 6 numbers to get closest to the target number?)


Countdown is a popular Channel 4 programme where contestants race in a series of words and numbers rounds.

The Numbers round

Players use all four operations to try to make the target number from a combination of 6 individual numbers. To start with play in teams then as you get more confident, compete individually!


The more you play, the easier it becomes!


How to play

  1. 1 player picks 6 cards.
  2. A target number is automatically generated.
  3. Each player (or team) has the same amount of time to use the four standard operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) to make the target number.
  4. Each card can only be used once but it may not be necessary to use all the cards.



3 ways to play


Recommended for year 2 - printable cards.

Start with a 2 digit version of the game (target numbers up to 100, before playing the main 3 digit game).  


Recommended for year 3 – online version.

Play the online version by yourself, using the ‘show a solution’ button to help you if you get stuck. Once you are confident challenge family members using the printable cards or TV show (pause to give players 3-5 minutes to find a solution.

Printable cards

Download and print the cards to play.

Play online

Click on the link below to visit a website where you can play the game online.

Watch the show

Click on the link below to play along with the show on All4 (you may want to pause the episodes for each round to give you longer to come up with solutions). Or watch the shows on Channel 4 every weekday from 2.10pm.


Play both the numbers and the words round!


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