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Could you join the Maasai? (create a job description for a Maasai moran)

When reading it is important to really understand the strengths of a character. By knowing what they are like and what they are good at, it allows the reader to predict what they might do in different situations.
In class, we have looked at the character traits of Greek hero's, helpers and Gods. What are some of the similarities and differences between a Greek hero and a Maasai hero?


Read the story again, focusing on the description of the Maasai moran (warriors). Moran are important as they protect the villagers and their animals from dangerous animals such as lions, rhinos and snakes.Make a list of all the qualities that are mentioned in the story about the moran. Can you think of any of your own that aren't mentioned?


Create a job advert for a Maasai moran. It needs to be eye-catching, so make sure you write in full sentences taking extra care with your handwriting and spellings.


Imagine that you are going for an interview tomorrow to be a Maasai moran. How are you feeling? What examples are you going to say to prove to them that you can do the job? Write a short diary entry explaining what you are feeling, what you think will happen, and if you think you will be offered the job.

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