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Journalist on Assignment (Write a newspaper article about Sokai's exciting adventure)

Newspaper articles are a type of Information Text. This means that they are only allowed to include things that are true and have happened. Journalists have to be very careful that they are not making up extra details to make a story more interesting!


The Newspaper wants to publish some more stories next week in the 'Crazy but True' section of the paper. You have been sent to cover Sokai's story about how his dream about how a Baobab tree rescuing him from danger turned into reality after he was sent to track a mysterious beast! You can only use facts from the story in your work - no making up any extra bits! Don't forget to pick up some Miss Coleman punctuation points for using as many different pieces of punctuation in your work as possible.


Write some interview questions that you want to ask Sokai to get even more information for your article. Record an Interview with a member of your family asking you the questions, while you answer as Sokai.

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