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Big Factoids (Research and create an animal fact file on one of Africa's 'Big 5')

The 'Big 5' animals of Africa all live in Tanzania in the same area as the Maasai. They are: lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos and buffalo. Lots of people love to find out more information about them by reading Information texts. Information texts give factual information about things that are true. They often use headings and subheadings to help you quickly find the information that you need. Many have pictures, photographs or diagrams to help you understand the information in the text.


Research information about one of the 'Big 5' from the internet or books and create a fact-file about your animal including:

  • Description - what they look and sound like.
  • Habitat - where do they live and where do they sleep.
  • Diet - what it likes to eat.
  • Other Interesting Facts - what size it grows to, how much does it weigh, when does it sleep, how long does it live, what makes it different from other animals.
Remember to write in full sentences, taking care with your handwriting, capital letters and spelling. You could also chose to use bullet points, subheadings and a variety of punctuation for a really impressive fact file! Don't forget to edit and improve your work when finished.


Imagine you are a zoo keeper talking about an animal which lives in your zoo. Use all of the facts that you have learnt about your animal to give a speech to your family about your chosen animal. You can send in an audio or video recording of your talk.

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