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Animal Behaviour (What do animals do all day? Follow one and take notes to find out)

The keepers at zoos study the behaviour of all our animals to make sure that they’re behaving normally. This helps them to know if the animals are being well looked after, and are happy. If their behaviour changes it tell keepers that something might be up—they might be ill, or about to have a baby. It also means that we can learn more about what animals like to do all day.


Choose an animal to study - it could be a pet, an animal in your back garden, or click on the links below to see videos recorded in the animal enclosures at London and Whipsnade Zoos. Complete the information on the top of the observation sheet then start a timer (or count to 15). Every 15 seconds put a tick in the column for what you see your animal doing, moving down a row each time. Once you have completed the rows have a look at your findings.


1. What did the animal spend the most time doing? 
2. What did the animal spend the least time doing?

3. Check back on your animal at a different time or day - are they doing the same things as before?

4. Why might they behave differently on different days/times?


Combine your Maths and English skills by plotting your findings on a graph to really see what your animal has been up to!

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