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Adverb Adventures (Learn about adverbs to improve your writing)

We are masters at using adjectives in our writing to describe how something looks, but what about how something happens? Adverbs tell us more about the verb (an action). Most adverbs usually end in the suffix -ly for example happily, sadly, quickly or slowly. Using adverbs in our writing really helps the reader to imagine the action happening.


Choose 5 of your favourite pictures below. Write a sentence about each one which includes a verb and an adverb. Get bonus points if you also include an adjective, noun phrase and/or a simile! Can you also include a variety of punctuation such as exclamation marks, apostrophes and commas?


E.g Simba growled noisily at the dark grey shadows which crept as silently as a mouse towards him! 


Create your own sentences using verbs and adjectives to describe anything you like!

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